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Couples getting married in the UK have traditionally been given household items as wedding gifts. This was to help the couple as they started a new life together and popular gifts included items such as kettles, toasters, bedding, towels, dinner services, cutlery and glassware.It’s not a new concept for newlyweds to be given money as a wedding gift – in some countries and cultures couples are automatically given money by their guests. Times have changed and in the UK many couples getting married already have plenty of household items and often ask for money. Perhaps the money will be used for the honeymoon, a deposit on a house, furniture or a new kitchen. Sometimes couples will only ask for money as wedding gifts; others will mix gifts of money with other wedding gifts.Are guests happy to give money as a wedding gift? Some people aren’t keen on wedding gift lists, but friends and family will usually want to give a gift to the happy couple and most people want to give a gift which they know the couple will appreciate and get use from. Guests will often purchase gifts of money instead of more traditional wedding gifts. Some guests like to purchase a combination of gifts and money. Our recommendation is that if couples want to ask for gifts of money this is what they should do. And the answer is yes – most guests are happy to give money as a wedding gift.We recommend that couples who are asking for money as a wedding gift should also consider adding some gifts to their gift list so that everyone’s preferences are accommodated. So if couples are looking for money towards the honeymoon other suitable gifts which complement the honeymoon list could be luggage, a camera or camcorder, photo frames or photo albums.We also recommend that couples should try to be specific about how the money will be spent so that guests feel that they’ve contributed towards a specific item. Most gifts of money are for the honeymoon where guests usually put money towards specific elements of the honeymoon such as accommodation, flight upgrades, car hire etc. When couples set up a honeymoon gift list there are usually standard honeymoon gifts to add to their list such as drinks by the pool or a romantic meal for two which guests can then buy for them.Another tip is to personalise your gifts of money if your gift list provider offers this service. If so, couples can customise their entire honeymoon list with their own gift names, descriptions, prices and pictures – so if couples want money to swim with dolphins then go on to have a romantic dinner for two at a specific restaurant and stay overnight in the local boutique hotel these gifts can all be automatically added to their list. It’s also a great way to personalise thank you cards to guests by adding a picture of what the guest contributed to such as a picture of the couple swimming with dolphins.

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One of the most exciting occasions for kids is the celebration of their birthday. Every year they are expecting birthday gifts from their parents, grand parents, brothers and sisters. These gifts coming from their love ones made their birthday a special one. Their friends are also excited to find and buy a perfect gift for them and this makes the celebration very exciting. Kids birthday gift baskets loaded with favorite, cherished and special things could be a great gift idea.Kids birthday gift baskets are available in some companies that provide different sizes and types of baskets. You may find delightful and delicious gift hampers from some of the listed companies below:
Gift Baskets.com
Dream Maker Gift Baskets
Book Baskets
Red Envelope
Design it Yourself Gift Basket
Cesta Gift Baskets
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Gift Service USA
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Mary’s Basket Case
Warm Sentiments
Jackie’s Baskets
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Blue Chopsticks
You can purchase different kinds of kids birthday gift baskets that are either pre-designed or customized and designed based from what you want it to be look like. Some of the gift baskets that can be usually found at the above-mentioned companies include dried fruits, Grilling, sweets, spa, popcorn, pizza, fruits, Italian, coffee, cookies, and chocolate. And since kids love wonderful gift designs, you may select for baskets that were designed by different individuals from different countries. Kids will also love to receive chocolates with mugs and gourmet cookies that are offered by the dream maker gift baskets. Now if you want to present gifts that are something educational, you may order books from the book baskets. You have many options of books to choose from, you may select those books that you think might catch the attention of the kid to read it. Together with the chosen books you get in the basket are pen, personal journal, bookmarks and clips.Among all other options of birthday gifts, kids birthday gift baskets can be considered as the most exceptional. Kids are for sure tired and get bored in receiving some ordinary gift toys like cars with remote control, helicopter, an airplane, swords dolls, kitchen set, and any other common toys available in the market. With these gift baskets, you can complete the day of the birthday celebrant who will receive this exciting gift. So make sure to select gift basket according to hobbies and interests of the kids to make the gift more exciting to them.